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so i can be clueless forever

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Ok I know I’ve mentioned a lot how much I love cooking, but have I mentioned that I also love sewing?



I saw this gorgeous dress at the festival today, a light flowy sun dress, all in white, with a long, full skirt, lacing up the front, tent sleeves, and an elastic rouching across the back. It was made of all these really delicate, kinda sheer fabrics, but had this gorgeous, almost brocade look to it.

I have wanted a white sun dress for years, but the image in my head is extremely difficult to find a) in today’s fashion trends, and b) in my size. But this, this dress was it. This dress was perfect in every way.

…except it was a teensy bit too small in the bust, was extremely delicate along the seams, and the only two she had left were both damaged…

But after gushing about how much I wanted it to my mom, she convinced me that we could easily sew our own, of much better durability and fit and comparable price, at home over the summer.

So now I’m doing all this research on pattern drafting, and I am finding such magnificent resources, and I really really wanted to share them with all you other potential crafters out there, so here you go!

pretty darn sure that this is an /excellent/ start to my making-my-dream-dress project, along with potentially several other sewing projects. :D

Ah, such good resources!

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filling in the outlines

I love the colours used here! Im too comfortable just using black, but this solid use of colour is really bold!

filling in the outlines

I love the colours used here! Im too comfortable just using black, but this solid use of colour is really bold!


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